Our Values


Kindness Icon - Orange Heart - Sunny Day Designs

Kindness: We show kindness to our community by spreading joy. We give back to causes that are important to us. We promote generosity in all we do.


Optimism Icon - Turquoise Smiley Face - Sunny Day Designs

Optimism: Every day deserves a ray of sunshine. We seek and promote the good we see in the world. Our artwork and designs are infused with positivity.


Integrity Icon - Yellow Shield - Sunny Day Designs 

Integrity: We source our product materials from the US and support fair wages for all. We expect our suppliers to be transparent about their manufacturing process. 


Quality Icon - Orange Checkmark - Sunny Day Designs

Quality: We don’t cut corners and we put our heart and soul into our product design and manufacturing. Every detail is thought through and carefully crafted, from product design to package delivery.


Sustainability Icon - Green Leaf - Sunny Day Designs

Sustainability: We care about what goes on our customers’ skin and what goes in the Earth’s water and air. We are committed to doing the least harm possible and supporting sustainable solutions such as reducing carbon emissions, using natural fibers, and digitally printing with water-based inks. We're continuously improving our eco-impact and the sustainability of our product line.


 Whimsy Icon - Orange Balloon - Sunny Day Designs

Whimsy: We delight in turning the ordinariness of nature and daily life into something fun and imaginative. 


Joy Icon - Yellow Sun - Sunny Day Designs

Joy: Every product or pattern we design will put a smile on someone’s face.