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A blog post image featuring an illustration of diverse people holding a sun, leaves, earth, water droplet, and a tractor - the blog post is titled "Sustainability: Leaving The Earth A Little Better Than We Found It" by Sunny Day Designs

Sustainability: Leaving The Earth A Little Better Than We Found It - Sunny Day Designs

The first three months of 2021 have flown by! With Earth Day quickly approaching, we thought it might be a great time to talk a little bit about the environment and Sunny Day Designs' commitment to sustainable business practices, materials, and product design.

At Sunny Day Designs, we're always working on new ways to make our playful products and production processes as green as possible! Sustainability is a core component of our brand and a major focus for us when we design and create new products. We firmly believe that eco-conscious products create more joy, especially because you know that your money is contributing to a cleaner, greener environment!

We're also excited to tell you about our new partnership with EcoCart, which will enable our customers to choose if they'd like to offset carbon emissions on their orders from Sunny Day Designs.

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