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Here at Sunny Day Designs, we love working with customers and businesses to create cheerful products and joyful artwork.

In addition to designing and developing our own product line, we delight in working with businesses of all sizes to create custom prints and products on a freelance basis.

Sunny Day Designs also accepts a limited amount of custom design commissions from retail customers and organizations each year. If you are interested in a custom design or project, please reach out with details about your project and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you live in the Madison, WI, area? We are actively searching for local interns and/or part-time help. For internships and part-time work opportunities, please email with your resume/cover letter.

Maybe you just have a quick product question or an artwork licensing request? Great! Send us an email using the contact form below so we can chat. You can also reach us via email: