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Blog Post Image showing 2 women hugging and an orange text box with the words "10 Ways To Support Someone Who's Struggling Emotionally on Mother's Day". Blog post by Sunny Day Designs.

10 Ways To Support Someone Who's Struggling Emotionally On Mother's Day

Holidays can bring up complex emotions for some people - especially when they center around relationships or experiences that are not universally shared by everyone.
For some people, Mother's Day can feel painful, stressful, or even sad; for others, it's a special and exciting day that they look forward to celebrating every year!
In an effort to approach this holiday with a healthy dose of kindness and a whole lot of empathy, I've come up with a list of ideas that I hope you'll find inspiring and, perhaps, motivating.
Read on to discover: 10 Ways To Support Someone Who's Struggling Emotionally On Mother's Day

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A blog post image showing a colorful zippy zebra vinyl sticker design by Sunny Day Designs that helps support rare disease patients and raises money for charity NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders

We Care About Rare: Supporting The Rare Disease Community With Zebra Stickers That Give Back To Charity NORD - Sunny Day Designs

In 2016, when I started creating and designing the initial product line for my business (now called Sunny Day Designs) I knew that, eventually, I wanted to find a way to support at least 1 charity through the sale of my playfully patterned products.

Soon after, I found a fun way to make that dream a reality when I designed and introduced my first product in our line that gives back to charity: our Zippy Zebra vinyl sticker.

This colorful zebra vinyl sticker helps us give back as a business by supporting one of our favorite charities: the National Organization for Rare Disorders (more commonly known as NORD).

Read on for more about:

  • How this sticker helps Sunny Day Designs give back a percentage of our sales to a wonderful charity
  • Who this cute zebra sticker helps supports
  • What zebras symbolize
  • The amount of money that we donate per sticker
  • Some surprising facts about rare diseases (including how common they are)
  • The impact our sticker's design has had on the lives of several of our customers
  • How you can participate in Rare Disease Day (the last day in February!)
  • ...and more!

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Blog post image with 2 hands holding a heart-shaped cookie on an aqua background with text that reads: 55 Free Ways to Spread Kindness (Plus 10 Bonus Ideas Under $10)

55 Free Ways to Spread Kindness (Plus 10 Bonus Ideas Under $10) - Sunny Day Designs

What I love most about the start of every new year is that the beginning of January always feels like a fresh, clean slate - an opportunity for each of us to adjust & improve our everyday lives.

One of my biggest business goals for 2024 is to find more ways to spread joy & kindness to my customers, followers & email subscribers.

Maybe you'd like to focus on adding a bit more kindness to your life as well. If so, great! You're in the right place.

Let's dive in and unleash more kindness on this great big world! I've compiled a list of 65 ideas to get you started (55 ideas that are completely free, plus there are 10 bonus ideas that only require $10 or less).

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An image for a blog post titled "Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love!" by Sunny Day Designs. This image shows a green and white watercolor eucalyptus leaf printed kitchen tea towel/dish towel with an orange text box.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

In 2022, the post-pandemic world is a much more expensive place! Pus, you're likely to be invited to at least 1 wedding this year, since SO many wedding ceremonies and receptions were cancelled during the first 2 years of the pandemic.

We know that money is tight right now for everyone, but don't let inflation, high gas prices & crazy flight costs ruin your wedding guest budget! You may be spending more than ever on traveling to their wedding event, but you should still give the couple a little something as a wedding gift.

Don't worry! With just a little thought and planning you can still give any couple a great gift for $25 or less.

Read on to discover our list of 10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love!

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Gettin' Sticky With It: 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers - Blog Post Image by Sunny Day Designs featuring orange fox vinyl stickers, rainbow zebra vinyl stickers, and aqua llama vinyl stickers on a white background.

Gettin' Sticky With It: 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers - Sunny Day Designs

Vinyl stickers - It's no secret that these small, durable & inexpensive gift items have become popular & trendy, especially during the last 5 years.

Loved by hikers, kids, artists, moms, skateboarders, 20-somethings & everyone in between, the best part about vinyl stickers is that they're a fun & easy way to express & display the many sides of your personality!

You may already own a few of these fun stickers yourself. Perhaps now that you own 1 or 2, you're, where do I put them? Or maybe you're having minor commitment issues about where to display the stickers you already have?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Read on to discover our list of the 40 best places to put fun stickers, plus some advice on where to put them if you can't decide.

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orange and red watercolor leaf diy gift tag printable autumn leaves by sunny day designs

Fun Fall Freebie: Autumn Leaves Gift Tag Printable! - Sunny Day Designs

Wow! Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving?!

To express my gratitude to all of my loyal customers, readers, followers, and friends, I'm sharing a fun (& easy) Fall DIY printable that's perfect for sprucing up your home, jazzing up your Thanksgiving table, keeping kids entertained & decorating Thanksgiving hostess gifts.The possibilities are endless.

All you need is a home printer, a scissors, card stock printer paper & your own creativity!

Keep reading to download the FREE Autumn Leaves Gift Tag Printable by Sunny Day Designs.

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Blog post image of a Just Peachy vinyl sticker and a Snail Mail vinyl sticker inside a map themed envelope - Snail Mail Fun: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Letters! by Sunny Day Designs

Snail Mail Fun: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Letters! - Sunny Day Designs

We've put together 5 of our favorite tips for sprucing up your letters, cards, and other snail mail using materials that you already have on hand in your home!

Best of all, each of these budget-friendly ideas can be done quickly - there's no need to spend a lot of time or money to accomplish something that's eye-catching and smile-inducing! Your friends and family will love receiving snail mail from you even more when you use these tips!

Plus, we've created a FREE bonus printable document with a DIY envelope template so that you can create your own unique and special envelopes from whatever paper materials you have at home. Old maps, leftover wrapping paper scraps, sheet music, etc - they all make amazing envelopes and are a great way to recycle unused paper items!

Read this blog post and start spreading some joy through snail mail today!

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A blog post image featuring an illustration of diverse people holding a sun, leaves, earth, water droplet, and a tractor - the blog post is titled "Sustainability: Leaving The Earth A Little Better Than We Found It" by Sunny Day Designs

Sustainability: Leaving The Earth A Little Better Than We Found It - Sunny Day Designs

The first three months of 2021 have flown by! With Earth Day quickly approaching, we thought it might be a great time to talk a little bit about the environment and Sunny Day Designs' commitment to sustainable business practices, materials, and product design.

At Sunny Day Designs, we're always working on new ways to make our playful products and production processes as green as possible! Sustainability is a core component of our brand and a major focus for us when we design and create new products. We firmly believe that eco-conscious products create more joy, especially because you know that your money is contributing to a cleaner, greener environment!

We're also excited to tell you about our new partnership with EcoCart, which will enable our customers to choose if they'd like to offset carbon emissions on their orders from Sunny Day Designs.

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