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Gettin' Sticky With It: 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers - Blog Post Image by Sunny Day Designs featuring orange fox vinyl stickers, rainbow zebra vinyl stickers, and aqua llama vinyl stickers on a white background.

Gettin' Sticky With It: 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers - Sunny Day Designs

Gettin' Sticky With It: 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers - Sunny Day Designs

Vinyl stickers have become incredibly popular with people of all ages.

It's no secret that these small, durable & inexpensive gift items have become trendy collectibles, especially during the last 5 years.

Loved by hikers, kids, artists, moms, skateboarders, 20-somethings & everyone in between, vinyl stickers can be displayed on more places than just water bottles & car bumpers! The possibilities are virtually endless.

You may already own a few of these fun stickers yourself. Perhaps, now that you own 1 or 2, you're, where do I put these awesome sticky things?

Or maybe you're having some mild commitment issues about where to display the stickers you already have?


An orange, green, and coral "Just Peachy" vinyl sticker, designed by Sunny Day Designs, adhered to the right of a gray laptop track pad.   Teal Nalgene water bottle displaying 3 fun stickers by Sunny Day Designs (1 "Atlanta Peach" orange peach design, 1 "Lovely Llama" aqua llama sticker, and 1 "Happy Camper" smiling tent and campfire sticker design). The water bottle is resting on a wooden railing of a tall observation tower at Blue Mound State Park in Wisconsin, with green trees and a blue cloudy sky in the background.
Left: "Just Peachy" sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Atlanta Peach" sticker, "Lovely Llama" sticker & "Happy Camper"sticker - all by Sunny Day Designs.


Relax & stick with me, I've got you covered! : )

Read on to discover our list of the 40 best places to put fun vinyl stickers, plus some advice on the best types of surfaces to display vinyl stickers & where to put them if you're having trouble deciding.


   "Zippy Zebra" rainbow animal themed vinyl sticker by Sunny Day Designs being held in hands above a colorful rainbow watercolor painting in a sketchbook

Left: "Lake Michigan" sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Zippy Zebra" sticker by Sunny Day Designs (10% of profits from the sale of our Zippy Zebra rare disease stickers are donated to NORD, a charity that supports patients living with rare diseases and their families).


What are the best surfaces for vinyl stickers?

One of the best things about vinyl stickers is that they're incredibly durable - virtually waterproof, long-lasting & scratch resistant. Because of these qualities, you can adhere a vinyl sticker many more places than you might think, including outdoor surfaces!


A Few Quick Tips:

For best results & long-term adhesion, I recommend that you stick to the following advice when choosing which surfaces to displaying your vinyl stickers (pun intended):

At first, paper, cardboard, or fabric may seem like a great place to put your vinyl sticker...but, trust me, there are better locations if you want your stickers to last and stay "stuck" to the surface.

Vinyl stickers can peel off of paper & cardboard surfaces easily and can make the layers of your sticker bend or separate from each other, which ruins the integrity and durability of your sticker.

Likewise, adding a vinyl sticker on top of fabric (like a t-shirt) will, unfortunately, cause the vinyl sticker to peel off relatively easily.



Left: "Bright + Beautiful" rainbow sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Georgia On My Mind" sticker by Sunny Day Designs.


Many curved surfaces (like water bottles and bike helmets) are great places for a vinyl sticker, but it's good to know that attaching stickers to items with multiple extreme curves or bumps can make it a bit tricky for your vinyl stickers to stay put in the long-term.

That means, if you want your fun stickers to last, I also recommend not choosing bumpy surfaces when applying a vinyl sticker. For example, textured walls, rough /unfinished wood, and bumpy metal surfaces are not the best places to put a vinyl sticker.

On the flip side, smooth glass, plastic, glazed ceramic & metal are some of the BEST surfaces on which to apply vinyl stickers. I highly recommend sticking with those kinds of surfaces to ensure that your stickers stay put as intended!


Read below to discover Sunny Day Designs' recommendation list of the 40 best places to put fun stickers.



Left: "Wisconsin Cheese" & "Madison Cheese" stickers by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "New Moms Club" sticker by Sunny Day Designs. 


Top 40 Best Places To Put Fun Stickers:

  1. Water Bottle (you can even run vinyl stickers through the dishwasher!)
  2. Car Bumper or Car Back Window
  3. On Your Skateboard, Snowboard or Skis
  4. Car Top Carrier
  5. Coffee Mug (ceramic, plastic, or metal) or on an Insulated Travel Mug
  6. Laptop (either on the back cover or to the left or right of the track pad)
  7. Desktop Computer (on back cover)
  8. Bicycle or Scooter
  9. Notebook or Planner Covers (especially with plastic covers)
  10. Smart Phone (on back cover)
  11. Wheelchair/Crutches/Cast
  12. Plastic Binders & Folders
  13. Frame a Fun Sticker on a Flat Piece of Recycled Plastic - instant art!
  14. Hard Luggage or Vintage Suitcase
  15. Inside a Sticker Collecting Album
  16. Guitar or Musical Instrument Case
  17. Jewelry/Makeup Box
  18. Boat or Kayak
  19. Helmet (skateboard/ski/snowboard/bike...)
  20. Plastic Storage Boxes & Bins
  21. Flower Pots
  22. iPad/Tablet (on back cover)
  23. Hard Camera Case
  24. Clipboard
  25. Surfboard
  26. Hard Lunchbox (metal or plastic)
  27. Filing Cabinet
  28. Computer Tower (if you own it, don't try this at work without permission!)
  29. Toolbox or Tackle Box
  30. Drums
  31. Hard Cooler (metal or plastic)
  32. Lawnmower/Snowblower
  33. Golf Cart (as long as you own it!)
  34. Kitchen Stand Mixer
  35. Mirror
  36. Trash Can or Recycling Bin
  37. Video Game Console or Remotes
  38. Sleds & Toboggans
  39. Sewing Machine, Serger, or Embroidery Machine
  40. Plastic or Metal Serving Trays




Left: "#1 Couch Potato" sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Augusta Golf" sticker by Sunny Day Designs.


Are You Overthinking Where To Put Your Vinyl Stickers?

Perhaps you're a bit of an over-thinker or have more of a "type-A" personality & you're finding yourself having some minor commitment issues about where to stick your collection of vinyl stickers. You want to make sure you find the best place to put your precious stickers.

No judgement here! Trust me...I just described myself, so I can completely relate to this feeling.

My best advice would be to think of your sticker collection as something that is meant to bring joy, not induce anxiety!



Left: "Cultivate Love" sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Shop Local & Small" stickers by Sunny Day Designs.


Tip: If you find yourself searching for the "perfect" place to display your fun vinyl stickers & know that overthinking is holding you back, I suggest putting ALL of your stickers in 1 dedicated place that you see regularly.

It's a little brain trick. Doing this will create the feeling of a more intentional "collection", it will also make it easier for you to add on to your collection in the future without anxiety. Trust me, once you place your 1st sticker, adding additional stickers to that spot will be easy!

Plus, if you add your fun stickers to a surface that you use or see frequently, your vinyl sticker collection is much more likely to make you smile, while also spreading joy to others who see them!

For example, adding all of your stickers to the back of your laptop or desktop is a great idea because it keeps all of your stickers in 1 place and you'll see it frequently!


Looking for some more fun stickers to add to your collection or to purchase as a great gift for someone else?

Take a peek at the entire Sunny Day Designs sticker collection here - You just might find a new favorite sticker design that makes you smile! 



Left: "Smile" sticker by Sunny Day Designs; Right: "Peace Dove" sticker by Sunny Day Designs.


Thanks for reading! Now...go forth & display your fun and durable vinyl stickers with confidence and gusto!

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