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10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

The 2022 Wedding season has officially begun! But this year somehow feels different than the rest in many ways. Why?


One word: Inflation.


After 2 years spent social distancing, avoiding crowds, and wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 has the potential to feel a bit more normal - and fun! - than recent years. People are finally starting to have larger gatherings again and couples have started re-scheduling their postponed wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Sadly, this year many people are feeling intense anxiety when they open their mailbox and discover a wedding invitation, since they know that means they may need to pay for travel expenses to the event, in addition to purchasing a gift for the happy couple.

It's completely understandable to be a bit anxious when you realize that your budget won't stretch as far this year when it comes to attending a wedding...but  don't let the fear of needing to buy a costly wedding present (in addition to traveling to the event) kill your buzz. After all, weddings are meant to be a fun celebration of love and commitment.

Don't panic - You're in the right place and we're here to help!


We've rounded up 10 creative and thoughtful gift ideas that virtually any newlywed couple will love and appreciate - despite the small price tag.

We've also included links for you to make purchasing these wedding gift(s) as easy-peezy as possible.

So sit down, take a big deep breath, and read on for some great gift ideas!  : )


First thing's first...let's start with a great greeting card!

No matter what you're giving the happy couple as a present, including a greeting card that mirrors the type of relationship you have with the couple is a great way to add a personal spin to your gift. Plus, carefully choosing the right kind of card will also help compensate for the fact that the item you're giving may not be very expensive.


How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Greeting Card:

To make the wedding card that you give feel genuine, think about your relationship to the couple and let that guide you in terms of the type of message your greeting card should have.


  • Are you a family member? Choose a sweet card that talks about how happy you are to welcome a new member to the extended family!


  • An old friend who's known one of the pair for a long time? Search for a card that talks about the ups and downs of life and how glad you are that the couple found each other!


  • A newer friend of the couple? Pick a greeting card that highlights how excited you are to help them celebrate their wedding day in-person!


  • You're known as the joker of the family or group of friends? Lean into your comical personality and choose a funny wedding-themed card. Note: not everyone can get away with giving a funny wedding card, but since humor is a big part of your personality it won't seem uncharacteristic, offensive, or catch anyone off guard.


  • You don't know the couple that well? Keep your card short, sweet, upbeat, and congratulatory!


  • Are you known as the "crafty" one? Think about creating and giving the couple a handmade card that reflects your personality and skills. Your card will feel extra special because it has a handmade touch.


  • A coworker or client of one of the newlyweds? Choose a more generic, simple wedding-themed card to keep things professional. Or pick a group "from all of us" type of card if you're part of a group of coworkers giving a larger group gift to the happy couple.


  • Are you a close relative or family member? Go ahead and choose a card that has an emotional component to the message, even a card that's a bit of a "tearjerker". Since you're truly close to one of the people in the couple, your message will be even more meaningful and emotional.


 blue nautical Anchors Away kitchen tea towel and green watercolor Eucalyptus fun tea towel by Sunny Day Designs


10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love!


1.  A nice-looking, empty 5x7 picture frame

Write out your favorite story or memory about the two of them and mention that the frame would be the perfect place to display a photo from their wedding day once they get them back from the photographer. Keep the design of the picture frame neutral and relatively simple to ensure that it can be used in any home. Plus, they'll love having a heartfelt story about the two of them - it's a simple gift, but very sweet!

  • Where to buy: (or in store at your local Target) - 10" x 12" matted to 5" x 7" size
  • Cost: $12

Total Cost = $12.00


2.  A wooden spoon and/or spatula + your 5 favorite recipes

If you're a great cook, lean into your skills and interests by sharing the wealth of your cooking or baking knowledge with the couple!


Wrapping Tip: choose a wooden spoon or spatula that has a hole in the handle. Write or type your recipes onto paper index cards or recipe cards, then punch holes in 1 corner of each card. Finally, use a large metal book ring to attach the recipe cards to the hole in the spoon/spatula.

  • Where to buy (Wooden Utensils): (or in-store at your local Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Cost: $10 for the entire set (on sale!) - Plus, let's be likely have a coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond somewhere too!
  • Where to buy (Recipe Cards): (or in-store at your local Walmart)
  • Cost: $10.99 for a set of 60 recipe cards
  • Where to buy (Metal Book Rings): (or in-store at your local Walmart)
  • Cost: $2.42 for a pack of 8 book rings

Total Cost = $23.41


3.  A deck of cards + your favorite small travel game

Include a note inside your card that says "a gift for the perfect pair". This kind of practical and fun gift is perfect for rainy days, traveling, or for the couple to have on hand when company comes to visit and they're looking for an activity to do. Everyone should have at least 1 deck of cards stashed away somewhere, but many people don't think about this when registering for a wedding.

Helpful Tip: Choosing small, travel-sized games are best so that they are more versatile and easy to store, even for those that live in small spaces. Also, we recommend choosing a game that can be played with only 2 players, in addition to more people - that way the couple can play the game on their own, if they like!

  • Where to buy (deck of cards): (or in store)
  • Cost: $4.49 for 2 decks of cards
  • Small travel game (example = SkipBo): (or in-store)
  • Cost: $7.99

Total Cost = $12.98


4.  A box of assorted sized Energizer or Duracell batteries + a nice-smelling, gender-neutral candle

Include a note inside your greeting card that says "here's a little gift to help keep the spark alive". A nice smelling candle can be used for decor, date night, or as a backup light source when the power goes out.

Choose batteries in sizes that are commonly used for everyday items, such as AA and AAA. I guarantee you that there will come a day when they run out of batteries or something electronic dies...and at that point, you and your unique wedding gift will be remembered!

  • Where to buy (Energizer AAA batteries): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $7.87 for pack of 8
  • Where to buy (Energizer AA batteries): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $7.87
  • Where to buy (5 oz. Jasmine + Ylang Ylang candle): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $5.00

Total Cost = $20.74


5. A super-soft, plush throw blanket in a neutral, solid color like gray, ivory, or tan.

This practical, yet sophisticated, gift is not only something perfect for the pair to cuddle up's also something comforting to use when they're not feeling sick or under-the-weather. This is truly a gift that will be there for them "in good times and in bad", so you could write something about that in your greeting card note as well.

  • Where to buy (Gray Faux Fur Throw Blanket): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $ 24.99

Total Cost = $24.99


6.  Glass food storage containers by Ello

Available in various sizes, these durable food storage containers are dishwasher safe, easy to store, and feature a non-slip silicone sleeve on the bottom to prevent the glass from chipping or slipping in the fridge. This is a gift that's practical, but also a nicer, long-lasting alternative to disposable containers - they also work great for bringing lunch to work!

Fun Tip: Include a small bag of the couple's favorite snack or candy inside the glass storage container along with a short note that says "A snack to help you refuel while you unwrap your wedding gifts!"

  • Where to buy (5.5 cup glass lunch bowl by Ello): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $10.99
  • Where to buy (3.4 cup glass food storage container by Ello): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $10.99
  • Where to buy (2 theatre-sized boxes of Mike & Ike candy): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $1.96 ($0.98 each)

Total Cost = $23.94


7.  Kitchen towels (Set of 2): Choose 1 that's practical & neutral colored + 1 that's printed or seasonal

Ensure your selections will go with the couple's decor by choosing 1 neutral-colored practical kitchen towel for cleaning up spills, drying dishes, and toweling off their hands. For the 2nd towel, think about a holiday they celebrate or their favorite season of the year and use that as the inspiration when choosing a printed kitchen towel.

For example, many couples celebrate Christmas, but very few actually think to register for or request seasonal or holiday decor items. A fun, Christmas-themed kitchen towel is an easy way to make their home more festive without taking up a lot of extra room.

Total Cost = $23.97


8. A cooking measurement conversion chart magnet + measuring cups & spoons

Why? Because literally no one remembers this information...especially while they're in the middle of doubling or tripling a recipe. It's a nice practical gift that, chances are, they didn't think to register for themselves! They may not use it every day, but when they need it, they'll be glad they have one on hand!

Pair this with a set of measuring spoons (so that they have a spare and less dishes to do!) and you've got a nice practical wedding gift!

  •  Where to buy (kitchen conversion chart magnet)
  • Cost: $9.95
  • Where to buy (Maeve dipped measuring spoons) (or in stores)
  • Cost: $9.95
  • Where to buy (measuring cup set, 8 pc.) (or in stores)
  • Cost: $3.00

Total Cost = $22.90


9.  Pyrex "MealBox" compartment food storage containers (available to purchase individually in multiple sizes/options)

Not only are these high-quality food storage containers made from durable, easy-to-wash glass, these unique, fridge and dishwasher-safe boxes feature permanent compartments inside so that you can separate smaller leftovers within the same box.

These compartmentalized storage containers also makes re-heating easy because you can reheat up 2 different items at the same time! These handy storage containers are perfect for packing lunches or for storing snacks on-the-go. Genius!

Wrapping Tip: Include some candy or a few homemade cookies inside the container to make this gift more personal, memorable, and unique.

  • Where to buy (Pyrex 4.1 cup 3 compartment MealBox): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $13.99
  • Where to buy (Pyrex 3.4 cup 2 compartment MealBox): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $10.99

Total Cost = $24.98


10.  2 mix-and-match letter initial coffee mugs + a bag of ground coffee/tea bags

Skip the kitschy "Mr." and "Mrs." coffee mugs and opt instead for a classier, and much more timeless, set of 2 mugs featuring the first letter of each person's first name.

These mugs are more likely to be used for their morning cuppa whatever they usually drink! Plus, it's a gift that feels personal because the letters on the mugs correspond to their own first names.

  • Where to buy (16 oz. stoneware monogram mug): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $10 for 2 mugs, ($5 each), available in assorted initials
  • Where to buy (Equal Exchange "Love Buzz" Organic Coffee): (or in stores)
  • Cost: $9.99

Total Cost = $19.99



Hopefully this list inspires you and gives you some great budget-friendly wedding gift ideas!

Now that your wedding gift woes are handled, it's time to work on practicing your killer dance moves before the reception!
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