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Holiday Shopping Guide For Conscious Consumers: Made In America Products, Handcrafted Gifts & The Goodbuy Search Tool | Blog Post By Sunny Day Designs showing 3 holiday kitchen tea towels on a white background with a green text box.

Holiday Shopping Guide For Conscious Consumers: Made In America Products, Handcrafted Gifts & The Goodbuy Search Tool - Sunny Day Designs

Holiday Shopping Guide For Conscious Consumers: Made In America Products, Handcrafted Gifts & The Goodbuy Search Tool - Sunny Day Designs

Blog post image for holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers by Sunny Day Designs. A square Christmas present box decorated with kraft paper, tied with white ribbon and topped with a candy cane. Curly white ribbon curls suround the holiday present box, which is placed on a solid light aqua background.


We've put together a really useful holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers.

We know you're busy! You want to buy things that you feel good about, but you have a painfully long list of things to do - and there's nowhere near enough hours in the day!

Relax! We did the hard work for you. (You're welcome!)

Conscious consumers often struggle to find gifts for friends and family because they strongly prefer to purchase items from companies that they respect because of shared values.

During the busy holiday shopping season, socially conscious shoppers don't always have the extra time required to research tons of companies and products to see if they align with their personal values.

In November and December, many shoppers don't have the time to shop in-person at local artist markets or handmade holiday sales events, even if they prefer to shop in that type of environment.

Shopping for gifts online can feel overwhelming to conscious consumers, especially when they're looking for Hanukkah or Christmas presents.

Even shoppers that love buying from independent stores in-person don't always have the time or energy to drive across town to check out the gift selection at all of the stores in their area before settling on the perfect gifts.

Can you relate?

  • Are you a socially conscious consumer looking for an easy way to find great gifts from companies that you respect and who share your values?
  • Do you prefer to purchase gifts for friends and family that are made in America, handcrafted, sustainable, or made by certain groups of people, such as woman-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, etc.?
  • Finally, are you running into roadblocks when you shop online, getting stressed out, or feeling short on time and energy?

Don't worry, Sunny Day Designs is here to help! That's where our holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers comes in.

Below you'll find 3 easy ways that you can find great gifts this holiday season - letting you shop from smaller companies that share your values!

Whether you're shopping for Hanukkah, Christmas, or're sure to find some truly amazing gifts!

Blog post image for Sunny Day Designs - holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers: Colorful miniature shopping Bags in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink are placed on top of an open laptop keyboard

Below you'll find 2 extensive gift guides & 1 amazing small business shopping search tool:

  • First up, we have a gift guide includes 100+ companies that make made in America products! The Alliance For American Manufacturing 2022 Holiday Gift Guide includes a diverse & wonderful range of companies and products that are made in the USA. You're sure to find several great gifts for the people on your holiday gift list!
  • Next, the second gift guide we're sharing features 175+ handcrafted & craft-themed brands! The Craft Industry Alliance 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. This gift guide is great for people that love shopping directly from artists. It's also a per ect way to find gifts for those that enjoy making things with their hands & doing crafts!
  • Finally, we've also included a new and super exciting search engine/website tool called Goodbuy! This exciting shopping search tool filters out product results from the largest 15 mega-retailers so that you can shop exclusively from smaller businesses! The best part? It also allows you to shop online using the specific values that you want companies to uphold. For example, you can select keywords like: sustainable, woman-owned, American made, black-owned, veteran-owned, vegan, certified ethical & many more!

Sounds pretty great, right?! Alrighty...let's dive right in!

After all, the sooner you start reading our holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers...the sooner your holiday shopping will be finished!



1. Looking for made in America gifts they'll love?


Alliance For American Manufacturing 2022 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide. This holiday shopping season, check out this Christmas gift guide, which includes made in the USA gift from all 50 states, Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico!


Check out the 2022 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide by the Alliance For American Manufacturing. You'll find over 100 companies that make made in the USA products -  products from all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico are included!



3 colorful, holiday printed fun tea towels by Sunny Day Designs are packaged on a white background. A green tree printed woodland dish towel named "Friendly Forest", a red candy cane printed kitchen towel named "Candy Cane Lane" & a light blue snow printed tea towel named "Snowflake". All 3 handmade tea towels are made in the USA from linen/cotton fabrics.


This year, Sunny Day Designs was also included in the AAM's gift guide! We're honored to be listed among so many great companies from all across the USA.

Bonus: To make shopping even easier, the 2022 Made in America Holiday gift guide can be sorted either by gift category or by state!


Jewish Kitchen Tea Towel set of 2, Happy Hanukkah printed dish towel and Star of David printed tea towel by Sunny Day Designs. Made in the USA from linen/cotton fabric



Click here to see all of the great product suggestions & to shop the AAM's 2022 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide!


2. Are you looking for handmade, creative gifts, or DIY craft kits?


The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide by Craft Industry Alliance - Support craft businesses & shop small this holiday season!


Do you love shopping at artist markets around the holidays?

Maybe you can't make it to one of those events this year or you're looking for a little more variety in addition to the local handmade sellers that you usually see?

Or perhaps you're shopping for someone else who appreciates handmade products, creative DIY workshops, and artisan made goods?

Say no more! We have the perfect crafty gift guide for you!

The Craft Industry Alliance 2022 Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy to shop online from over 175 craft-related small businesses!



Crafty Illustrated 8x10 art print by Sunny Day Designs features colorful drawings of various sewing and craft supplies that spell out the shape of the word "CRAFTY". White background. Sold unframed. Images shows a framed art print in a white picture frame and on a white background.


In this wonderful holiday gift guide you'll find a delightful mix of artists selling their own handcrafted goods/creative artwork alongside small businesses that focus on selling creative craft supplies & kits - perfect for your next DIY project!

Sunny Day Designs is thrilled to have been included in this year's Craft Industry Alliance Holiday Gift Guide! You'll find us listed under the "Home Goods" section with an image of 3 of our fun holiday tea towels: Candy Cane Lane, Friendly Forest & Snowflake.

Bonus: This craft-themed gift guide is conveniently broken up into subcategories, which makes it easy to find the perfect creative gift for everyone on your Christmas, Hanukkah, or holiday gift list.


The creative categories you'll find within the gift guide:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Books & Magazines
  • Brick & Mortar Retailers
  • Craft Kits
  • Crochet
  • Embroidery & Cross Stitch
  • Gifts & Care Packages
  • Home Goods
  • Knitting
  • Paper Crafts
  • Quilting
  • Creative Services
  • Sewing
  • Weaving
  • Creative Workshops & Retreats


Sewn With Love Sewing-themed Recycled Paper Sticker Sheet by Sunny Day Designs. This colorful & cute 4x6 Eco-friendly sticker sheet is made in America. Our recycled paper sticker sheets make great gifts for sewists and crafters and is shown on a white background.



Click here to see all of the craft related products & small businesses that are included in the Craft Industry Alliance 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!


3. Want to avoid mega retailers & shop from smaller companies that share your values instead?

Goodbuy Website Screen Shot Image - Search Tool for Conscious Shopping

Online shopping & conscious consumerism just got a whole lot easier!

You can now search for gifts and products based on the values & types of companies that you want to support using the Goodbuy search tool!

This amazing search & shopping tool makes it easy to avoid the mega-retailers this holiday shopping season!

Goodbuy provides you with search results for matching & similar products that are ONLY from smaller businesses, not from the biggest 15 mega-retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.)



All Skin Is Good Skin Equality vinyl magnet for car by Sunny Day Designs. A black lives matter inspired car magnet is shown that includes overlapping equal signs in various skin tone shades, with the words "All Skin Is Good Skin" in white. Shown on the back of a car.


Amazing, right?! But, that's not all that Goodbuy does...

In addition to downloading & using Goodbuy's Chrome browser extension, (which gives you suggestions of similar products from small retailers while you're shopping online from mega retailers like Amazon) they also make it easy for you to shop & search directly through the Goodbuy website, where you can select the values that are most important to you.

Once you select the values that are most important to you, just hit search and you'll receive a ton of suggested products that match your search from companies who share your chosen values! When you click on a product result it will take you directly to that small business' website where you can continue shopping!

Values you can choose from while shopping through Goodbuy:

  • Sustainable
  • Vegan
  • Crualty-Free
  • American Made
  • Certified Ethical
  • AAPI-Owned (Asian American & Pacific Islander-Owned)
  • Black-Owned
  • Family-Owned
  • Indigenous-Owned
  • Latina/o/x-Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned
  • MENA/SWANA-Owned (Middle East & North Africa)/(Southwest Asia & North Africa-Owned)
  • Owners With Disability(ies)
  • Veteran-Owned
  • Woman-Owned




Bubbly Berries strawberry organic cotton baby blanket and hat by Sunny Day Designs. Image shows an adorable newborn baby wearing the strawberry hat and berry blanket. Made in the USA



Sunny Day Designs is excited to be an approved Goodbuy retailer! You can find our products when you search through Goodbuy for items that are sustainable, American made & sold by woman-owned companies.

Not 100% sure yet what you're shopping for?

We get it - We all have that person on our list who seems impossibly difficult to shop for!

Maybe having a few gift ideas tailored to different interests or personalities would help?

In that case, Goodbuy has your back! They've created several curated collections and gift guides for holiday shopping that you can browse through on their website: check them out here 


This images shows 3 sets of eco-friendly, square, washable fabric cocktail napkins in 3 holiday prints: Candy Cane Lane, Friendly Forest & Star of David. All cocktail napkins are made in the USA from a linen/cotton fabric. Prints are designed Sunny Day Designs.


Now...go forth & shop from companies that share your values with much less stress!

Hopefully our holiday shopping guide for conscious consumers helps you find some great gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever event you're shopping for.

Remember - these conscious shopping tools can still be used long after the holidays!

So, The next time you're searching for a great gift for someone else but coming up short, keep in mind that both of these great gift guides, and the Goodbuy search tool, can be referenced all-year-round!

Simply bookmark this blog post from Sunny Day Designs so that you remember to come back to it later on when you need some great gift ideas!


Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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