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Free Printable File & Instructions for DIY Paper Fortune Cookies by Sunny Day Designs. This blog post image shows 5 colorful origami folded paper fortune cookies on a white background.

DIY Paper Fortune Cookies: Free Printable & Instructional Video - Sunny Day Designs

DIY Paper Fortune Cookies: Free Printable & Instructional Video - Sunny Day Designs

A big heart-y HELLO from me (Shelley, the owner of Sunny Day Designs) to you! Sorry! I just couldn't resist adding a little Valentine's Day pun... : ) Today I'm sharing a fun DIY paper craft project: Paper Fortune Cookies!

  • Are you Looking for a unique or handmade Valentine's Day card idea?
  • Trying to DIY some fun valentines for you child's classroom that don't cost a fortune or require a million expensive supplies to make?
  • Hosting a Galentine's Day party on February 13th for you girl gang and looking for some cute ideas that won't take a lot of time or energy?
  • Maybe you're a teacher and want to give out some special food-free treats to your class when they celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

No matter what brought you to this page, you're in the right place! I hope you enjoy creating this effortless and fun DIY project: origami fortune cookies.


To keep things as easy as possible, I've added everything that you'll need to cut out onto a 1-sheet printable file, which you can download here.

The printable file allows you to make 4 sweet, heart-themed paper fortune cookies. Each cookie features one of my colorful prints or watercolors...making this DIY project especially great for Lunar New Years, Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day!

1 paper fortune cookie made out of patterned yellow paper rests inside a small wooden plate on top of a white table. Image by Sunny Day Designs

 Click the image above to download my FREE printable design file!


DIY Printable Paper Fortune Cookies

First thing's first - let's gather your supplies! Luckily, all of these supplies are things that you likely already have on hand at home.

Here's what you'll need for this easy DIY project, in addition to the printable file:

  • Printer
  • Computer or smart phone (to print the file)
  • Paper of your choice (US letter-sized 8.5" x 11" printer paper or cardstock)
  • Scissors (or a safety scissors if you're working with young kids)
  • Pen
  • Glue/adhesive of your choice (glue stick, double sided tape, glue dots, rubber cement. *Tip: Liquid glue is not recommended, as it takes too long to dry).

*Creative Tip: Don't have a printer or not crazy about the printed designs on my sheet? No problem! Instead of printing out my downloadable file (available here) feel free to use whatever materials you already have on hand to make your own DIY paper fortune cookie circles! Just cut out shapes that are similar to my template.

Some alternative materials that work well for this project are: wrapping paper, printer paper (draw designs on it yourself!), wallpaper scraps, watercolor paper (paint and let dry first), brown paper bags, kraft paper, scrapbook paper, origami paper, felt sheets, etc.)  Be creative and have fun finding your materials!


Assembly Instructions - Origami Fortune Cookies

Step #1:

The first thing you should do is click here (or on the image below) to download & print off the FREE printable design file that I created for this project.

DIY Paper Fortune Cookies Printable Design File By Sunny Day Designs shown Tilted on a White background

The printable design (shown above) has been formatted to print onto a standard US Letter sized piece of paper (8.5" x 11"). Easy peezy!

You can print this file onto regular printer paper or, if you'd like your fortune cookies to be thicker and more durable, feel free to print this file onto white cardstock paper.

Want to get really fancy?! If you have colorful wrapping paper or leftover wallpaper scraps on hand at home, you can also cut 3.75" - 4" circles out of those materials to make thicker fortune cookies!

Tip: If you do decide to use thicker materials (wrapping paper, watercolor paper, wallpaper, felt sheets etc.), I highly recommend using a glue gun as your adhesive, since it will dry much more quickly and adhere better to thicker papers.


Step #2:

Next, get out your trusty pair of scissors (or safety scissors if you're working on this project with young kids). Cut out each of the 8 shapes on the printed design file.

4 Colorful Round Circles with multicolored/pink valentine's day themed patterns and 4 rectangular paper strips sit on a white background. These supplies are used to create paper fortune cookies. Printable template and instructions by Sunny Day Designs.

When you're finished cutting out everything you should have:

  • 4 circles (to make the folded paper fortune cookies)
  • 4 small rectangles (these will be used for your fortunes/notes)


Step #3:

Write your own notes, messages, or fortunes onto the small, rectangular shaped pieces of paper. Be creative! You can write whatever you want.

Close up image of a blue ink pen writing a fortune on a colorful, rectangular piece of paper, which will be added inside a folded paper origami fortune cookie. Instructions and free printable design sheet by Sunny Day Designs


Need some ideas of what to write?

Here are a 18 fun & cheerful fortunes that I found inside some real fortune cookies:
  • You will hear pleasant news.
  • You are about to embark on a most delightful journey.
  • Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing.
  • A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you.
  • You will be successful in love.
  • Be prepared for a sudden, needed, and happy change in plans.
  • You will be reunited with old friends.
  • You will be rewarded for your kindness to others.
  • This weekend will bring you a surprise.
  • You will enjoy peace & harmony in life.
  • Something nice is coming to you in the mail.
  • Good luck is on the way. You will get what your heart desires.
  • Your golden opportunity is coming shortly.
  • Luck will visit you on the next new moon.
  • Happy news is on its way to you.
  • It's doing good with what you've got that lights the morning star.
  • Your love life will soon be happy & harmonious.
  • You will live a long life & eat many fortune cookies. : )

Fun Tip: If you decide to use actual fortunes (like those listed above) I highly recommend randomly adding them to the paper cookies (instead of deliberately selecting a specific message for each person). That way it will feel like there is still an element of surprise when each person opens their paper cookie...even you won't know which fortune they'll receive!


Step #4:

Time to learn to fold these easy DIY paper fortune cookies!

3 colorful patterned origami folded paper fortune cookies sitting on a small wooden plate on a white background. Learn to fold your own paper fortune cookies! Instructions and free printable design template by Sunny Day Designs

Once you know the instructions, folding each paper fortune cookie only takes 1- 2 minutes to complete...making this a very quick, fun, and rewarding Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day project!

This easy folding project is something that you can do while watching TV, listening to a podcast, or while chatting in a small group as you fold (if you want to make a lot of them quickly, I recommend this).


Click here (or the image below) to watch my quick instructional video on how to fold these fun paper fortune cookies! (Total video time: 9 min 56 sec.)


Yellow patterned paper fortune cookie in a wooden bowl on white table. Orange text reads "How To Fold DIY Paper Fortune Cookies". Turquoise text readsy Instructions & FREE design template by Sunny Day Designs". Click image for video instructions on how to fold paper fortune cookies!

Click the image above to watch my instructional video on the new Sunny Day Designs YouTube channel! This is my first time creating an instructional video, so please keep that in mind as you watch. : )


Step #5:

Hand out your handmade paper fortune cookies to friends, family & coworkers...then bask in the compliments you receive on your crafting skills!

They may be small, but these adorable, calorie-free paper fortune cookies are sure to spread a lot of smiles!

 5 Colorful Patterned Folded Paper Fortune Cookies and 1 paper fortune slip shown on a white background. Fortune slip reads "Happy News Is On its Way To You!". Folding instructions and downloadable template are created by Sunny Day Designs.

Keep in mind, these DIY paper fortune cookies can also be adapted for other holidays or uses.

  • Selecting names for a Secret Santa or a Holiday Gift Exchange (put a person's name inside each paper fortune cookie to make the selection process a bit more fun & exciting).
  • Place cards for table settings (lengthen the size of the rectangles that go inside each paper cookie so that the paper rectangle sticks out of 1 side of the fortune cookie about 1.5" - 2"). Write each guest's name on the part of the rectangle that is visible outside of the cookie.
  • Cute and creative lunchbox notes (your kids will love receiving a surprise note from you with their food at lunchtime!)
  • Wedding or party favors with a message from the host or happy couple (fold enough paper cookies for each guest at the event, then slip the message inside each cookie.) For example, if the couple is donating to a charity in lieu of giving physical wedding favors, type that information onto the message slip that goes inside the cookie!
  • For Lunar New Year celebrations (these paper cookies can be used as table decorations, strung together to make a festive paper fortune cookie garland, or used to create a basket filled with paper fortune cookies for each guest to open!)
  • Gift toppers for presents (tie the paper cookie onto your gift and write the name of the recipient - or your message to them - on the rectangle that goes inside of the paper fortune cookie).

Let your creativity flow - I'm sure you can think of even more fun ways to use these easy DIY paper fortune cookies!


No matter how you make them or what you use them for, I hope this fun DIY paper project brings you joy and good fortune!


Red, pink and white heart-shaped spinkles scattered across a light pink background

Looking for some more Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day ideas to complete your party, gift list, or celebration?

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