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Free Printable DIY valentine cards - Playful Valentines That Will Make Anyone Smile! - Blog post and DIY printable valentine card file by Sunny Day Designs, shown on a wood table with bright pink square and white text

FREE Printable: Playful Valentines That Will Make Anyone Smile! - Sunny Day Designs

FREE Printable: Playful Valentines That Will Make Anyone Smile! - Sunny Day Designs

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This FREE printable design is an easy & fun way to spread some extra joy & smiles on Valentine's Day!

  • Single? So what?!...these lighthearted designs are great for anyone, especially friends and family.
  • Forgot to buy valentines for your kiddos to pass out at school? Don't worry! Sunny Day Designs has got you covered. These small valentines are perfect for kids.
  • Looking for a fun (but easy) way to brighten up your coworkers' day during the pandemic? They'll love knowing that you thought about them when they receive one of these mini cards from you!
  • Sending some snail mail out to friends and family? Include one of these cute little valentines in the envelope as a special bonus surprise!

I've created 6 playful valentine designs that you can easily print out on your home printer. Simply cut out each valentine, sign with pen, and you're good to go!

6 playful and colorful Free DIY printable valentines mini cards by Sunny Day Designs are shown on a wooden tabletop next to sheets of white card stock paper, a spool of red/pink striped baker's twine string, a turquoise clear tape dispenser, and a handful or wrapped candies

Our cute, mini valentines are perfect for children to give out at school on Valentine's Day - but don't let the kids have all the fun...print some out for yourself! Grown ups can share these FREE printable valentines too!

These small, playful valentines are perfect for adults to pass out to friends, coworkers, neighbors & family on Valentine's Day. Give one to your letter carrier, your dog walker, your trash collector, the person that bags your groceries, your mom...

Honestly, who wouldn't love to get a fun little surprise like one of these mini cards on February 14th?! We could all use a little more joy...especially since Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year.


FREE Printable: Playful Valentines That Will Make Anyone Smile

Alrighty! Let's get started, shall we?


Here's what you'll need for this fun and easy project:

  • Letter-sized paper (white card stock paper is recommended, since it's slightly thicker than standard printer paper)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Tape or decorative twine/string, to attach candy to your valentines
  • Pen
  • Computer
  • Printer (a regular home printer is just fine!)
  • (Optional) - Extra colorful paper scraps are helpful if you're using regular thin printer paper - for extra pizazz and to prevent your cards from bending!)

Items you'll need to create the printable valentines day cards by Sunny Day Designs are shown on a brown wood table: a turquoise tape dispenser, pink and red baker's twine, individually wrapped Smarties candies, sheets of white card stock paper


Step #1 - Download the printable valentine design file by Sunny Day Designs HERE. The file was designed to be printed onto 1 letter-sized sheet of paper. Once printed, you will have 6 mini valentines per sheet. If you'd like more than 6 valentines, simply print multiple pages!

6 free playful printable valentines cards by Sunny Day Designs, uncut - shown on a brown wood table with a scissors, pink/red baker's twine spool, and wrapped candies

Step #2 - Using a computer and a home inkjet printer, print the file out onto letter-sized paper. I recommend printing this design onto a slightly thicker card stock paper, if possible, since it is slightly thicker and less prone to bending versus standard printer paper.

*Tip: If printing onto regular printer paper is your only option, don't worry - just get creative! Try gluing or taping slightly larger pieces of another paper material (such as construction paper, paper file folder scraps, repurposed paper mailing envelope scraps, or magazine image cutouts) onto the backside of each individual valentine card. This will make your finished valentines a bit thicker and will also add a colorful border effect to the front of each valentine!'ll be recycling and using what you already have on hand, making your valentines even more Eco-friendly!

Assorted playful and colorful DIY printed valentine mini cards (designed by Sunny Day Designs) are being cut out by a small red heart-shaped scissors as they rest alongside wrapped candies on a wooden tabletop

Step #3 - Follow the dotted gray lines to carefully cut out each of the 6 valentines. Use a scissors to trim the cards or feel free to use a paper cutter, if you have one.

6 Printable DIY valentine cards by Sunny Day Designs being cut out using a gray paper cutter

Step #4 - Optional: Attach a small piece of candy to each card using scotch tape. Or, if you have decorative string or colorful baker's twine on hand, you could tie some around each card and slip the candy underneath the twine.

You can see in the photos that I decided to go the colorful baker's twine route! I have a LOT of it on hand because I use this fun, striped string to package my Sunny Day Designs products.

Assorted colorful and playful printable valentine cards designed by Sunny Day Designs with wrapped candy tied around each card using red/pink striped baker's twine

Step #5 - Sign your cards at the bottom (next to "From") using a pen so that each recipient of your valentines will know who gave it to them!

Hand with pen signing the name "Shelley" onto a free printable DIY valentine card with candy attached, artwork designed by Sunny Day Designs

Step #6 - Step back and admire your craftiness! See, I promised making these cute cards would be easy and fun! : ) Plus, the best part is knowing that you'll be brightening up someone else's day with this playful little valentines!



No matter who you share these FREE printable valentines with, I hope that these playful little designs help spread some much-needed sunshine and smiles!


* Please remember that this printable design was created for personal use only and that the artwork is copyrighted and fully owned by Sunny Day Designs. Reproduction or editing of this design file or artwork for sales, marketing, or for any other commercial design use is prohibited.

6 printable mini valentine cards (designed by Sunny Day Designs) have been cut out and are resting on a wood table alongside a spool of red/pink striped baker's twine, 3 wrapped candies, and a turquoise clear tape dispenser

Wishing you a sunny Valentine's Day, wherever you are! Enjoy!