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An image for a blog post by Sunny Day Designs featuring an assortment of colorful, patterned organic cotton facial rounds with a turquoise text box that reads "More Than Skin Deep: 15 Made In The USA Beauty and Wellness Products You'll Love!"

More Than Skin Deep: 15 Made In The USA Beauty & Wellness Products You'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

More Than Skin Deep: 15 Made In The USA Beauty & Wellness Products You'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

January is the perfect month to rest, recharge, and freshen up your beauty and wellness routine. After the hustle and bustle of the 2021 holiday season, plus all of the challenges and stress brought on by the ongoing global pandemic, we could all use a little more TLC! Don't you think?

If you're like me, you've probably been rocking the no-makeup or much-less-makeup look lately during the last 2 years of the pandemic. The surprising benefit of wearing a face mask everywhere I go is that I don't have to spend as much time getting ready before I go out somewhere!

However...the downside of wearing a mask all the time is that "maskne" (that annoying acne caused when bacteria is trapped for long periods of time between your face and your N95 mask) is very real. Combine that with the cold Winter weather that always dries out my skin and you get a recipe for a dry and bumpy face in need of some extra care. I have a feeling I'm not the only one with this issue right now, so hopefully this list will help others too!

You may already know that Sunny Day Designs is currently closed for an extended health break until March 1st (when my retail and wholesale shops will finally reopen and some new designs will launch!) During this time, I'll be resting, healing some injuries, and working on hiring and training an additional staff member to help me out with product development and production.

Since I've been focusing a bit more on wellness lately, I thought it would be nice to also reflect that vibe here on Suncatcher: the blog by Sunny Day Designs.

So, in the spirit of self-care and promoting other companies that create made in the USA goods (just like us!), we've rounded up a list of our 15 favorite made in the USA beauty & wellness products just for you.

In addition to being made right here in the USA, many of the items in my list are also non-toxic, organic, vegan, made by woman-owned businesses, cruelty free, all-natural, and/or feature recycled materials or packaging. One of these products (which I bought last year in Montana during a road trip out West) is even made by a Native-Owned, Woman-Owned business (Blackfeet Nation).

That means you won't just look great after using them, you'll also feel great about using products from these companies too!  : ) 

Are you ready?! Great! Let's dive right in...


15 Made in the USA Beauty & Wellness Products You'll Love:


    #1 - Winky Lux "Orange You Bright Gentle Vitamin C Exfoliator"

    Orange jar of Winky Lux Orange You Bright Exfoliator, Made in the USA

    Not only does this exfoliate your face in a gentle way that's perfect for people with sensitive skin (like me), you'll fall in love with the energizing citrus smell every time you use it. I especially love using it in the morning when I know I'm going to be putting on foundation because the exfoliator makes my face feel so smooth - it's perfect for a little pre-makeup scrub - plus, the zesty orange scent helps wake me up in the morning!

    Cruelty-free. Vegan. Clean beauty. Made in the USA. Woman-owned business. *Plus, students can get 15% off when they purchase directly through Winky Lux and register here!


      #2 - Pixi Beauty "Glow Tonic Exfoliating & Brightening Toner"

      Bottle of Pixi Beauty's Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, a 2021 Glamour Beauty Power List Winner, Made in the USA

      This gentle, exfoliating toner is my go-to product to gently remove dead skin and brighten up my face...I use it several times a week and I know you'll love it too! It smells great, plus, it's easy to use - simply saturate a cotton round or a reusable facial wipe (like ours from Sunny Day Designs) and glide it over your face to remove dead skin, dirt, and impurities.

      Cruelty-free. Made in the USA. Woman-owned Business *Plus, students can get 15% off when they purchase directly through Pixi and register here!


        #3 - Frownies "Facial Patches - Non-Invasive Wrinkle Smoothers for Forehead & Between Eyes"

        Pink box with several sheets of brown Frownies Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches on a white background, Made in the USA

        I think we can all agree that deep forehead wrinkles are something that nobody wants. Chances are, the stress brought on by the pandemic has added more than 1 new wrinkle to everyone's face. I just started using these recently and, holy moly, do they work wonders on the wrinkles between my eyebrows! The best part? You simply apply these facial patches to your forehead at night before you go to sleep...then you'll wake up with a rested, wrinkle-free forehead. Talk about effortless! Also, when I found out that these patches were originally created by Frownies in 1889 I was blown away!

        Clean beauty. Made in the USA. Woman-owned.


          #4 - Winky Lux "Wakey Wakey Eye Cream"

          Blue bottle of Winky Lux Wakey Wakey Eye Cream, Made In The USA

          Do you feel exhausted? Maybe the fatigue is showing a bit more under your eyes than you'd like? The last 2 years have been extremely tiring and extra challenging for everyone, so you're definitely not alone! Thanks to a slew of lush ingredients (caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C), this fabulous under-eye cream will help refresh the skin around your eyes, making you appear alert and rested, even if you haven't had your morning cup of coffee yet!

          Cruelty-free. Made in the USA. Woman-owned business. *Plus, students can get 15% off when they purchase directly from Winky Lux and register here!


            #5 - Sunny Day Designs "Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Rounds - Set of 10"

            Colorful, Assorted Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Rounds, Made in the USA and Eco-Friendly by Sunny Day Designs

            I'm definitely a bit biased...but I personally love (and really do use) my own organic cotton reusable facial rounds when I remove makeup from my face or clean my skin using toner. I also find that the playful prints on each reusable facial wipe help brighten up my day!

            Here at Sunny Day Designs, we're passionate about reducing textile waste and reusing materials, so each handmade, 2-ply facial wipe is made using the colorful, printed fabric scraps that are left over after we cut out our sewn organic cotton baby products. The back side of each small facial round features a plush and absorbent, super soft organic cotton fleece fabric that is also knitted right here in the USA.

            Each set of Eco-friendly wipes includes 10 organic cotton reusable facial rounds, plus a small organic cotton washing bag (also made in the USA!) that is perfect for machine washing your reusable wipes when the time comes. They're available in packs of assorted prints or you can buy all the same print if you find a design that you really love. In addition to removing makeup and applying toner, our customers have told us they use these wipes for removing nail polish and cleaning jewelry! No matter what you choose to use them for, you'll feel good knowing that these versatile, reusable fabric wipes reduce waste and help eliminate the amount of disposable makeup wipes, cotton balls, and Q-tips in our landfills.

            Printed in the USA with non-toxic inks. Recycled materials. Handmade. Organic cotton. Made in the USA. Women-owned business.


              #6 - Winky Lux "Petal Cleanser"

              Pink bottle of Petal Facial Cleanser by Winky Lux, Made in the USA

              Scrub the stress of the day away using this pretty (and gentle) pink gel facial cleanser! Not only do the vegan glycerin petals inside the bottle look stunning, your face will thank you for treating it to this blend of kiwi extract, rose water, and vitamin C. Your makeup will melt right off, thanks to the soft foam texture that removes impurities without damaging your skin. Perfect when paired with our organic cotton reusable makeup wipes.

              Cruelty-free. Vegan. Clean beauty. Made in the USA. Women-owned business. *Plus, students can get 15% off when they purchase directly from Winky Lux here!


                #7 - Conair "Value Comb Set of 12 - Made with 50% Recycled Materials"

                 Conair Multipack of 12 Combs - Available at Target Stores, Made in the USA

                Not only are these colorful hair combs made from 50% recycled plastic material, but the packaging is also recyclable! This impressive set of 12 different hair combs has something for everyone and every hair type! From de-tangling to styling (and everything in between), you'll love this made in the USA comb set, which is available to buy at Target.

                Recycled materials. Recyclable packaging. Made in the USA.


                  #8 - Red Root "Joint & Muscle Rub" - Native-Owned & Women-Owned Business

                  Top of the Lid of Red Root Joint & Muscle Rub, Blackfeet-Native-Made, Made in the USA

                  Looking for a more natural solution for joint and muscle pain or arthritis? I recently discovered this natural joint and muscle rub last Fall, while my husband and I were visiting the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, MT. Towards the end of our 2-week road trip out West, I developed a very painful muscle stiffness in my neck that prevented me from turning my neck to the right without extreme pain (I later found out this pain frequently happens to people when they driving for extended periods of time). After days of Tylenol, lots of neck massages, frantic googling whenever we had WiFi, and doing all of the neck exercises I could find for this problem...nothing really seemed to help. That is, until I randomly stumbled upon this product while browsing at a local store in Browning.

                  This natural joint and muscle balm is made by Blackfeet Native Women who hand-pick local plants and herbs known to have anti-inflammatory properties, such as red willow bark, arnica, calendula, and peduclaris plants. They then blend the rub by hand and package the product in small batches. I love that this group of Blackfeet Native Women is sharing their culture's traditional healing methods through their natural product line!

                  Small-Batch. Natural. Women-Owned. Native-Owned. *Consult a doctor before using - not intended for women who are breast-feeding or pregnant.


                    #9 - Tree Hut "Vitamin C Shea Sugar Scrub"

                     Coral colored jar of Vitamin C Shea Sugar Scrub by Tree Hut, Made in the USA

                    I've been using this sugar scrub on my hands, arms, and legs for years and I can't recommend it enough! Every time I use this scrub I feel like I'm going on a beach vacation, thanks to the tropical scented citrus and floral notes. Personally, I prefer sugar scrubs like this one over salt-based scrubs, since I find sugar to be a more gentle exfoliator (especially if you shave or have cuts on the area that you're exfoliating). In addition to exfoliating, the shea butter and vitamin C in this scrub also moisturize and brighten skin. I often leave a jar of this on the sink in our hall bathroom so that guests (or I) can use it after washing my hands. The result is super-soft, gently exfoliated and moisturized skin that smells great!

                    Vegan. Recyclable packaging. Made in the USA.


                      #10 - Two Sisters Spa "Bubble Bath Bomb" - Other Scents Available!

                      Sleepy Time Blue Bubble Bath Bomb for Women by Two Sisters Spa, Made in the USA

                      Do you love a good bubble bath? Most bath bombs simply add fragrance to your bathwater (which is still nice, don't get me wrong). But these unique, colorful, and very fun bath bombs from Two Sisters Spa combine both fragrance and bubbles into 1 itty-bitty package! Available in 9 different scents, you'll love how the moisturizing oils make your skin feel too! These foaming bath bombs can be purchased separately or in a set of 6. They're the perfect way for busy moms (or anyone!) to relax and unwind after a busy day.

                      Cruelty-free. Vegan. Handmade. Eco-friendly. Made in the USA. Women-owned business. *Plus, each bath bomb is made by hand in small batches by flex-working moms in the USA!


                        #11 - *For KIDS Ages 3 & Up!* - Two Sisters "6 Squishy Toy Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs Set"

                        6 Squishy Toy Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs Set by Two Sisters Spa, Made in the USA


                        These bubble bath bombs aren't just for grown-ups! Make bath-time more fun for little ones (and less stressful for parents) by simply adding one of these toy-filled bath bombs to the tub! Kids will love the fun, foaming suds, plus...each children's bath bomb contains a surprise toy inside, which reveals itself as the bath bomb slowly melts away into the water. Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, since the toys inside are small. Your kids will appreciate the small surprises tucked inside, in addition to the fun colors and scents - and you'll love that there are less tears when you tell your kiddos that it's time for a bath! Available in a variety of colors and toy combinations. You can purchase these high-quality bubble bath bombs either individually or as a set of 6.

                        Cruelty-free. Vegan. Handmade. Eco-friendly. Made in the USA. Woman-owned business. *Plus, each bath bomb is made by hand in small batches by flex-working moms in the USA!

                          #12 - Blossom Beauty "All-Natural Nail Polish Remover"

                          Colorful glass bottle of All-Natural Lavender Scented Nail Polish Remover by Blossom Beauty, Made in the USA

                          This all-natural nail polish remover is a truly a treat to use! The colorful, real dried botanical stems inside each bottle make something that normally seems like a chore (removing old nail polish) feel a bit more, this unique formula is available in 3 different scents: mint, lavender, and spring bouquet!

                          Simply saturate a cotton pad (or one of our organic cotton reusable facial rounds) with this acetone-free nail polish remover and hold over your nail for several seconds in order to remove your old polish. Works on both natural and acrylic nails!

                          Cruelty-free. Vegan. Organic. All-natural. Non-toxic. Made in the USA.


                            #13 - Dazzle Dry "Manicure Mini Kit"

                            Blue nail polish Mini Kit by Dazzle Dry, a light blue color called Ocean Motion by Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer, Made in the USA

                            Love the durability of gel manicures, but hate the UV exposure and chemicals in most nail products? Here's your answer: Dazzle Dry nail products, which last for up to 2 weeks (similar to a gel manicure), but can be removed easily at home with traditional nail polish remover. Did I mention their products are also non-toxic, dry quickly, and cruelty-free?! I was introduced to this better-for-you nail polish brand in 2019 when I took a trip to Madison shortly before we decided to move there from Atlanta. It was my first experience getting a manicure at a salon that only used non-toxic and eco-focused products and it was amazing!

                            Another thing that I love is that their nail polish formulas never expire (seriously, you read that right!) and they also don't contain nitrocellulose (the chemical in acrylics, gel polishes, and nail color dips that can turns your nails yellow), so you don't need to worry about having yellow nails after removing your nail polish. Plus...there's no UV light needed to dry this long-lasting polish, which reduces the risk of skin cancer. Need I say more?!

                            Quick Tip: For your first time using Dazzle Dry, I highly recommend purchasing one of their Mini Kits (available in over 200 colors!) or visiting a salon that uses Dazzle Dry products - find a location near you here!

                            Cruelty-free. Non-toxic. Biodegradable packaging. Made in the USA. Women-owned business. Minority-owned business. *Plus, 1 tree is planted with every Dazzle Dry purchase!


                              #14 - Bliss "Clear Genius Acne Spot Treatment"

                               Turquoise tube of Clear Genius Acne Spot Treatment by Bliss Beauty, Made in the USA

                              Feeling like a teenager again because an enormous zit has mysteriously popped up on your chin? Or maybe you actually are a teenager who has face acne, like I did. I hear ya' - the struggle is real. Though wearing face masks is so important right now, it's no secret that extended use can trap unwanted bacteria between your face and the inside of the mask, leading to the dreaded "maskne" effect, a.k.a. face acne. I recently discovered this easy acne spot treatment by Bliss (one of my favorite beauty brands), and it's become a new go-to tool in my pandemic skincare routine. The salicylic acid helps banish my scary face blemishes and I love that this product is made in the USA with clean ingredients that don't dry out your skin.

                              Cruelty-free. Vegan. Planet-friendly. Made in the USA. Women-founded.


                                #15 - Pacifica "Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara"

                                  Purple and pink glass tube of Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara by Pacifica Beauty, Made in the USA

                                  This made in the USA mascara is one of my favorite new finds and I think you'll love it too! As someone who wears contacts daily, I'm much more choosy when it comes to picking a mascara because I need to make sure that the formula has been tested by opthalmologists and is safe for contact-lens wearers. Not only is this one safe if you wear contacts, but you'll also love the vegan collagen formula that gives you lovely black lashes that look fluffy and natural. It's been a while since I tried out a new brand of mascara, but when I heard that the bottle on this product is made from glass and curbside recycleable (instead of the typical plastic that most brands use), I took the plunge...and I'm not looking back! (Eye pun intended)  ; )

                                  Cruelty-free. Vegan. Recyclable packaging. Clean beauty. Made in the USA. Woman-owned business. *Opthalmologist tested and safe for contact-lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.


                                  I hope you enjoyed reading this list of made in the USA beauty and wellness products! Hopefully you found at least 1 new product that speaks to you and your values.


                                  * Fun Gift Idea:

                                  Looking for a unique present for Mother's Day or a fun and sustainable birthday gift? Put together a small DIY gift basket that includes some of these made in the USA beauty items - it'll be a perfect present for your friends, sister, mom, bestie, or significant other!


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