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A blog post image showing a blue Star of David printed organic cotton baby blanket, teether, and burp cloth by Sunny Day Designs - the blog post is titled "Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts that are Eco-friendly & Made in the USA" by Sunny Day Designs

10 Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts | Eco-Friendly & Made In The USA - Sunny Day Designs

10 Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts | Eco-Friendly & Made In The USA - Sunny Day Designs

So you want to buy a cute baby gift for a friend, coworker, or family member who's Jewish, but you're not sure where to start?

Maybe you're not Jewish yourself so you aren't exactly sure what would be an appropriate Jewish baby gift...or maybe you're unsure about when the correct time is to actually give them your present (more on this later). Maybe you're Jewish yourself, but just looking for some fresh gift ideas for the babies in your life!

Perhaps the parent(s) are less traditional, but you still want to give them something thoughtful and meaningful. Maybe they love and appreciate unique gifts...but you aren't sure where to look for clever ideas. Do you find yourself searching for a cute Jewish newborn gift that's handmade, made in the USA, or sustainably sourced, but are coming up short?


Relax! You've come to the right place!

Although I myself am not Jewish, I've had these same questions in the past when choosing baby gifts for my Jewish friends. I love giving people gifts - like, I really REALLY love searching for "the perfect thing" for someone - but I also like to make sure that the gifts I choose fit the personality and values of the recipient. I also try to be respectful of the recipient and their lifestyle to ensure that the gift giving experience is positive for all!

 Blue, White and Yellow Star of David Printed Organic Cotton Baby Blanket, Teether, and Burp Cloth by Sunny Day Designs. Handmade in the USA.

First . . . Let's think about the parent(s)

Are they a minimalist? Do they love supporting small companies? Are they drawn to fun and colorful things or do they like more classic, sophisticated items? Try to keep their personality in mind while you search, if possible!

To save you some valuable time and energy - and because I also know that gift giving can be stressful for some people! - I've put together a list of 10 Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts.

I've even noted if the items are Handmade, Eco-friendly, and/or made in the USA so that you can feel informed and extra excited about your purchase!


Next . . . an important note on WHEN to give baby gifts to Jewish parent(s)

Opting NOT to have a baby shower is actually quite common for expecting Jewish parents. In fact, for cultural and superstitious reasons, many Jewish parents-to-be avoid decorating baby nurseries or assembling cribs until AFTER the baby has actually been born, in addition to passing on having a baby shower. Baby names are often not spoken aloud before the birth and Jewish parents may also refrain from accepting any gifts for their newborn until after the baby has safely arrived.

Please keep in mind that this is definitely not an absolute rule and it will likely depend on the parent's cultural heritage, their family traditions, and the branch of Judaism that they belong to (Conservative, Orthodox, or Reform). The number of Jewish parents who DO plan on celebrating ahead of time with a baby shower is increasing...however, you never want to just assume that there will be baby shower.

I've found that the best thing to do in this situation is to privately ask one of the parents if they plan to accept gifts before the baby is born, or if they'd prefer that you wait until after the birth to give them your present. If you're not Jewish, mention this candidly and simply explain that you would like to thoughtfully honor their preferences. Or...if you're nervous about bringing this up, simply opt to wait until after the birth to send the parent(s) a baby present!


Now, on to the fun part! Here's my list of 10 Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts.


10 Fun & Modern Jewish Baby Gifts That Are Sure To Make Them Smile!


#1 - For Your Fun Loving Jewish Friend

Challah Bread Plush Toy

by FreshCrayons

Available on

* Handmade & Made In The USA *

Challah Bread Plush Toy by FreshCrayons on Etsy


 $38 -

This adorable plush challah bread toy is handmade out of super soft minky fabric by Shari Bodofsky. Shari's Etsy Shop, Fresh Crayons, is based in New Jersey and is full of adorable stuffed toys that you'll love! This happy little challah bread was created from a hand drawn sketch by Shari - each one is unique and stuffed with love. This unique little stuffed pillow makes a fun gift at a Jewish baby naming ceremony, and would look simply adorable in any Jewish baby's nursery. Parents will love it too because this soft little challah makes a cute and comfy pillow when added to a rocking chair in baby's nursery! Bonus: when the child gets older they can use it to play pretend chef!



#2 - For Your Hip Jewish Co-worker

 Matzah Baby Shoes

by Soft Sole Baby Shoes

Available on

* Handmade, Made In The USA & Made From Vegan Materials *

Matzah Baby Shoes  |


 $27 -

These cute little non-slip baby shoes will be the talk of the Temple! Made by Soft Sole Baby Shoes, these soft, matzah-themed baby shoes can be ordered in many different sizes, from 0-3m up to 18m, so they're great for little ones of many ages! Each pair of these gender neutral Matzah Baby Shoes is handmade with love in the USA using vegan fabrics and rubber, non-skid soles. Best of all, these tiny baby shoes are cute enough to be worn anytime of the year - not just for Jewish holidays!



 #3 - For Parents That Love To Read

My First Jewish Baby Book: Almost everything you need

to know bout being Jewish - from Afikomen to Zayde

Written by Julie Merberg & Illustrated by Beck Feiner

Available on

* Written & Published in the USA (printed in Mexico/China) *


$10.99 -

Any little one will love this adorable Jewish baby board book! Books are one of my absolute favorite things to give to new babies, since they can continue to read them even as they grow! This colorful and cute A-to-Z Jewish board book is sturdy enough to withstand tiny teething gums and also informative enough to teach them important Jewish words! This book is written by NYC author Julie Merberg, illustrated by the talented Beck Feiner, and published by Downtown Bookworks, Inc.



#4 - For Classic, Montessori Toy Lovers

Hebrew Blocks

by Uncle Goose

Available on

* Made In The USA From Sustainable Basswood, Eco-Friendly *

Colorful Hebrew ABC Baby Blocks by Uncle Goose - Made In The USA From Sustainable Basswood With Non-toxic, Baby-safe Inks

$45 -

Some things in life never go out of style - like wooden baby blocks! This unique set of Hebrew ABC Baby Blocks is perfect for stacking, safe for little baby mouths (thanks to non-toxic inks), and beautifully designed with letters of the Hebrew alphabet! These blocks are truly a toy that babies will love playing with for years to come as they learn different skills. Plus, this set of beautifully designed blocks is crafted in the USA from sustainable basswood, so you can feel great about your purchase!



#5 - For Your Organic-loving Friend

Star of David Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket

by Sunny Day Designs

Available at & at

* Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Organic & Made In The USA *


$48 - &

This cute and cozy baby blanket makes a perfect gift for any Jewish newborn! Not just for Hanukkah (of Chanukah), the contemporary Star of David print on this handmade, organic cotton receiving blanket can be used year-round to swaddle little ones. Each printed swaddle blanket is joyfully made in the USA from printed fabrics designed by Sunny Day Designs. The soft, organic cotton fabric is printed in the USA with water-based, non-toxic, baby-safe inks. Coordinating baby items are also available in this Star of David print, such as newborn baby hats, burp cloths, and teethers.



#6 - For Outer Space Enthusiasts

Space Shuttle Mezuzah

by Quest

Available at The Jewish Museum Shop

* Hand Finished In The USA *

Fun Space Shuttle Jewish Mezuzah Shaped Like an Outer Space Rocket

$75 -

This adorable space shuttle mezuzah would make an especially cute gift for Jewish parents who love outer space! Mezuzahs contain small, blessed scrolls inscribed with verses of the Shema prayer. They are typically placed on the right side of doorposts within a Jewish home as a means of protecting the residence, and all those in it, from any harm or ill-will. This unique rocket-themed mezuzah would look extra cute on the doorpost to a baby's nursery or kid's room! Plus, Jewish parents will love the extra protection that it provides to their little one. Scroll sold separately.



#7 - For Parents That Love Handmade Gifts

Hamsa Shadowbox




#8 - For Your Superstitious Best Friend

Hamsa Baby Blessings Organic Cotton Baby Collection

by Sunny Day Designs

Available exclusively at

* Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Organic & Made In The USA *

Cute Blue, Pink and white Hamsa Patterned Baby Hats for Jewish Babies with evil eye in center of palm - created by Sunny Day Designs  exclusively for   Adorable, Blue Hamsa-Patterned, Organic Cotton Baby Items to protect Jewish babies from the evil eye - burp cloth, baby blanket, and baby hat - designed by Sunny Day Designs exclusively for

Starting at $18 - (prices vary by item) -

The hamsa design is a traditional symbol of protection and has been a part of Jewish culture for centuries, and it's frequently used in other religions and cultures as well. Whether superstitious or not, any new Jewish parent will adore this soft and oh-so sweet organic cotton baby items -plus, they'll love the thought of bundling them up with a little extra protection! With a modern take on the hamsa motif, the open-palm hand shapes in this print feature a variety of whimsical evil eyes. Newborn hats, burp cloths, blankets, and teethers in this minimalist print are available exclusively at!  Select from blue and pink printed options. Gift sets of multiple items are also available!



#9 - For A Truly Personalized Jewish Baby Gift 

Customizable Leafy Blessing for a Child Art Print

by Modern Mitzvah

Available at

* Handmade, Customizable & Made In The USA *

Customizable Leafy Blessing For A Child Art Print by Modern Mitzvah - Green Leaf Wreath Watercolor Jewish Baby Blessing Art Print

Starting at $65 -

This beautiful and calming art print, created by Laura Bercovich of the company Modern Mitzvah, features a sweet baby blessing in Hebrew surrounded by a wreath of watercolor foliage. This stunning, modern print design is fully customizable in 3 different colors (blue, pink, or green), 2 different sizes (8x10 or 11x14), and allows you to include a "son", "daughter", or a gender neutral "child" Hebrew blessing. The baby's English and Hebrew names are also displayed on the print as well, making it a thoughtful and truly one-of-a-kind gift that Jewish parents will cherish forever! Available framed or unframed.



#10 - Perfect For Those Pun-loving Types

Love You A Latke Organic Cotton Baby Onesie

by Sunny Day Designs

Available at

* Organic Cotton & Made/Printed In The USA * 


$18 (sizes 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M & 12-18M) -

This sweet little organic cotton bodysuit is a crowd-pleaser! Who doesn't love a good food pun...or being reminded of the smell of yummy latkes? Each little baby onesie is made in the USA and printed with Jewish-themed artwork by Sunny Day Designs. This adorable latke-themed baby onesie features a lapped neckline and metal snap closure for easy on/off diaper changes! Super soft and machine washable, this baby onesie also makes a cute and very fun Hanukkah gift for babies! Available in 4 different sizes to fit babies from birth up to 18M.
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