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10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love! - Sunny Day Designs

In 2022, the post-pandemic world is a much more expensive place! Pus, you're likely to be invited to at least 1 wedding this year, since SO many wedding ceremonies and receptions were cancelled during the first 2 years of the pandemic.

We know that money is tight right now for everyone, but don't let inflation, high gas prices & crazy flight costs ruin your wedding guest budget! You may be spending more than ever on traveling to their wedding event, but you should still give the couple a little something as a wedding gift.

Don't worry! With just a little thought and planning you can still give any couple a great gift for $25 or less.

Read on to discover our list of 10 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That They'll Love!

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Snail Mail Fun: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Letters! - Sunny Day Designs

Snail Mail Fun: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Letters! - Sunny Day Designs

We've put together 5 of our favorite tips for sprucing up your letters, cards, and other snail mail using materials that you already have on hand in your home!

Best of all, each of these budget-friendly ideas can be done quickly - there's no need to spend a lot of time or money to accomplish something that's eye-catching and smile-inducing! Your friends and family will love receiving snail mail from you even more when you use these tips!

Plus, we've created a FREE bonus printable document with a DIY envelope template so that you can create your own unique and special envelopes from whatever paper materials you have at home. Old maps, leftover wrapping paper scraps, sheet music, etc - they all make amazing envelopes and are a great way to recycle unused paper items!

Read this blog post and start spreading some joy through snail mail today!

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